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April 17, 2019

Standard Breed Pullets -$6 each
Barred Rock
Black Australorp
Rhode Island Red
Buff Orpington
White Leghorn
Black Sexlink
Cinnamon Queen


Standard Size Cochin Pullets -$10 each

Blue Cochins
Barred Cochins
Gold Laced Cochins
Silver Laced Cochins
Partridge Cochins
Red Cochins
Black Cochins
White Cochins


Very  Rare Breed Pullets -$12 each

Blue Australorps

Sicilian Buttercups
Blue Wyandottes

Spangled Russian Orloff

Crele Penedesenca

 Rare Breed Pullets - $10 each

Olive Egger **
Cuckoo Marans
Speckled Sussex
Naked Necks
Light Brahma
Dark Brahma
Buff Brahma
Silver Laced Wyandottes
Gold Laced Wyandottes


Black Giants 

Silver Leghorn


Extremely Rare Breed Pullets - $14 each

Blue Laced Red Wyandottes  ***

Whiting True Blue

Cream Brabanter

Exchequer Leghorns

Salmon Favorelles

Crele Penedesenca

Extremely Rare Breed Pullets  - $20 each
SBH Crested Cream Legbars

French Black Copper Marans

French Wheaton Marans

SeaBreeze Line Straight Run Chicks 

English Lavendar Orpington - $15

F4 Olive Eggers (Blue and Splash) - $12

F4 Olive Eggers (Black) - $10

French Black Copper Marans - $12 each

Click here to go to SeaBreeze Hens Store to reserve and purchase new hatch chicks online

Ducklings - $10 Each

Khaki Campbell


Fawn and White Runner


Blue Swedish



***Ducklings are sexed...boys and girls are marked

New Hatch Chick Schedule

Heritage Breed Turkey Poults - $15 

Bourbon Red

Standard Bronze

Royal Palm

Blue Slate

Black Spanish

Midget White