SeaBreeze Hens will only be doing pick up and delivery of preordered pullets and chicks until at least  April 19th.  We are sorry we have to exclude the chicken shopping experience during this time.  We will have scheduled pick up times Pick up times are as listed on our Hours page.  If none of these times  work for you, we can find a time that is convenient to the both of us .  


Here is how you can preorder for pickup;


1.   View the Chickens for Sale page or New Hatch Schedule  page and deternine the breed, age, and quantity you would like to purhase.

2.  To purchase 4 week old chicks and younger.  Go to our the SeaBreeze Hens Store.  This is the fastest way to secure you chicks.  Please select a pickup time within 7 days or Delivery option.  If you chooose delivery, please send me a text indicating you placed a store order and which Houston Area Delivery location you would like

Or you can send a text  with your name,phone number and email.  pick up day and time, and the chickens you would like to purchase. If you send an email and dont hear back from me, please send a text for me to look for it.


3.   You will receive a reply indicating if your choices are still available and some potential substitutes if they are no longer available. (Inventory changes continuously and I am only able to update at the end of each day)


4.  If you order via email or text, ou will receive an invoice via email and text that you can click and pay online.


5.  Arrive at your pickup time and park in the SeaBreeze parking lot located across the street at 820 12th Street (across from our houss.


6.  Your birds will be boxed and ready to go with your name on the box.  


7.  Please do not enter the pick up area if another customer is picking up.  Wait for them to exit the area.


8.  Arrive home with your girls and enjoy!


If you would like delivery, follow steps 1 through 4, and the instructions on the Delivery page.  


Delayed Response Time
Your business is truly appreciated and we strive to provide the utmost in customer service. Unfortunately, during this time I have found myself short on staff while also having a huge increase in sales and information inquiries. But you may find that my response time is delayed by several days.
I try to get to all my emails and texts just as soon as possible. But I have to admit, I am definitely struggling to keep up with chicken care, family care, and all my responsibilites on the sales end of the business. There is just only so much time in the day. Thanks for your patience as I try to provide each and every customer with the service and attention that is so deserved.






How to Pre-Order and Pick up at SeaBreeze Hens